Charleston Catholic High School

1957 Basketball Team

"Fighting Irish"

1957 Fighting Irish Basketball Team: Hugh Loder, Tony Cerullo, Bob Harrick, Mike Swords, Dick Ceney, Maurice Gatens, Vince Scales, Mike Creamer, Tom West, David Brannen, Adrian Despres, Joe Donohoe, Bill Courtney, Andy Smolder, Jack Spittal, FranK Pontier, Bob Hull, Bill Marchal.

Vince Scales bounces out to Hugh Loder in a game with St. Joe's. Seen in the background are Maurice Gatens (30) and Dave Brannen (29).

Vince Scales
Andrew Smolder
Hugh Loder
Maurice Gatens

Michael Creamer
Doug Agner
Patrick Warder
Dave Brannen

Adrian Despres
Joe Donohoe
Frank Pontier
Bill Marchal

Dick Ceney
Bill Courtney
Bobby Harrick
Tony Cerullo