Charleston Catholic High School

1957 / 1958 Class Pictures

1958 Class Pictures


The Class Officers of the Junior Home Room:
President, Brooks Smith; Vice President, Marie Allen; President, Bill Courtney; Vice President, Louise Smith; Secretary, Shirley Grady; Treasurer, Dick Ceney; Secretary; Jean Allen; Treasurer, Bill Scales.

Literary promotion award given by the Gazettte in 1958.

The "I Speak for Democracy" was represented by these Juniors:
Bob Grubbs, Nevins Clancy, Oril Reich and Brooks Smith.
Watching Gloria Lazare perform one of the necessities which made the Junior Halloween Dance a success are Dave Brown, Mary Lou Marino, Barbara Dery, Judy Marino, Helen Belich and Mary Kozick.
Assisting Shirley Grady hang decorations and keep her balance are Becky Slater and Regina James.

Mary Ann Kozick, Mary Lou Marino, Bobbie Dery, Helen Ann Belich & Judy Marino
The Spirit of the Sodality and the Third Order is expressed by these Junior and Senior boys as they eagerly set out with food for needy families.
Our Prefect, Thomas O'Farrell, shows Barbara Carpenter, Dave Lancaster and Rosie Murray the Seven Joys Rosary of the Third Order and enumerates the indulgences connected with it.

Mary Annie, Sandra DeRito, Don Powers and Cary Ricci discuss the promises they made when they were received permanently as Sodalists. Sister Marilyn reviews Rule 34 with them.

1957 Class Pictures

1957 Class Officers

President 203
Bill Courtney
Vice President 203
Joe Donohoe
Treasurer 203
Dave Brown
Secretary 203
Louise Smith

President 205
Tom Baldy
Vice President 205
Marie Allen
Treasurer 205
Jack Bossie
Secretary 205
Brooks Smith

President 208
Dick Ceney
Vice President 208
Judy Brenner
Treasurer 208
Laura Zain
Secretary 208
Jean Allen

Joe Donohoe (with the girls):
Mary Ann Kozick, Becky Warder, Mary Kay Plovanich, Frances Nelson, Louise Smith, Helen Belich and Francyne Jones.
Left to right: Bob Marchal, Tom Aubrey, Tom Ceney, Bill Courtney, Tom Sheridan, Jim Mondren, and Cary Ricci.

Left to right down the stairs: Don Powers, John Hotopp, Nevins Clancy, Dave Brown, Bob Latterner, Al Ferotte, Percy Taylor, and Frank Thewes.
Row #1: Isabelle Hale, Patricia Nuhfer, Jean Murray, Carole
Sue Crawford, Pat MacSHANE, Donna Kersey.
Row #2: Mary Barratt, Judy Brenner, Mary Jackson, Laura Zain, Jean Allen, Sandra DeRito.

Mary Annie, Dickie Marie Allen, Oril Reich, Cathie Mattingly, Regina James, Juliana McKnight, Patty McSurley, Rosie Murray.
Row #1: Bill Frame, Brooks Smith, Larry Malone, John Clark.
Row #2: Ed Brisley, John Yanov, Tony Cerullo, Tom Oxley, Lowry Simpson.

Row #1: Gloria "Peaches" Lazare, Virginia Kish, Shirley Grady, Barbara Dery, Barbara Carpenter.
Row #2: Julia Stamm, Mary Pat Cook, Becky Slater, Ruth Barratt.
Row #1: Andy Woodyard, Phil Primozic, Dave Lancaster, Don Brannen.
Row #2: Jack Bossie, Tom Baldy, Mark Krosky, Adrian Despres, Dick Spainhour.

Row #1: Bill Scales, Sam Pontier, George Fansmith, Mike Vecellio, Lewis Isaac.
Row #2: Dick Ceney, Andy Balazs, Ralph Stricker, Lester Smoot, Bobby Harrick, Robert Condry.
Row #1: Virginia Bossie, Judy Marino.
Row #2: Nancy Barna, Mary Lou Taschler.
Row #3: Josephine Jelich, Mary Lou Marino.
Row #4: Rose Mary Peters, Patience Buckland.
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