Charleston Catholic High School

"2004 Reunion"

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Where Are We

2004 Reunion Picture

Tom, Andy, Becky & Dave
Adrian, Bob, Tony & Becky
Mark, Cathie, Oril, Holly & Chuck

Oril, Mary & Dickie Marie
Oril, Ralph & Sondra
Rosie, Louise & Patricia

Patricia & Bob
(Where's the parking lot?)
Joe, Tom, Helen, Pete & Adrian (Being in the background makes Joe appear shorter)

Pete, Adrian, Gloria and Joe, "who is still the tallest"
Mary & Tom
Cathie, Bill, Carole, Laura & Bob
Gloria, Ethel, Henry, Pete, Adrian & Tom

Dickie, Mary Pat, Pete, Carole Sue & Gloria
Jean & Holly
Dave, Becky, Barbara & Tom
Don, Andy & Gloria

Kris, Al & Cathie
Joe & Al
Mary Pat, Frank, Carla, Adrian & Gloria

Harry & Isabelle
Margaret, Dave, Isabelle & Patsy
Phil, Rosie & Tom in the background
Joe & Laura

Bobbie, Rosie & Don
Andy & Pat
Pat, Phil, Lowry, Bobbie & Laura
Helen & Rosie

Bobbie, Carole, Tom, Laura, Bill, Patty, Cathie, Pat & Andy
Bob, Mary Ann & Helen
Dave & Adrian

Mike & Tony
Pat, Carole & Laura
Mary Lou & Mike
Ruth, Cathie & Mark

Mary Pat, Helen & Judy
Bob, Mary, Patty, Bill, Virginia & Mary Pat
Tom, Don, Bob, John, Phil, Carole Sue, Holly & Mary Anne

Mary & Don
Pierre, Linda & John
Gloria & Linda
Tom, Carole, Pete, Joe, Helen & Adrian, who is now the tallest

Gloria & Adrian
Bob, Adrian & Al. Adrian seems a little out of control here.
Pat & Adrian
Regina, Donna & Bob

Lowry, Rosie, Phil, Ralph & Sondra
Rosie BobJ ean Mike & Judy
Mary Lou & Rosie
Rosie, Gloria & MaryLou

Pierre & Mary Pat

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