Charleston Catholic High School

"Class of 1959"

2004 Reunion

2004 Reunion Pictures
2004 Reunion Dance
2004 Reunion Boat Ride

Row #1 Dickie Marie Allen, Mary Annie, Barbara Dery Baldy, Donna Kersey, Louise Smith, Tony Cerullo, Mary Ann Kozick, Patsy Nuhfer, Bob Grubbs, Bob Marchal, Mark Krosky and Lowry Simpson.
Row #2 Judy Spainhour, Virginia Bossie, Helen Ann Belich, Judy Marino, Judy Brenner, Becky Slater Brown, Joe Donohoe, Andy Woodyard, Pete Despres, John Clark, Laura Zain, Mary Lou Marino and Phil Primozic.
Row #3 Isabelle Hale, Orianne Reich, Cathie Mattingly, Carole Sue Crawford, Pat McShane Woodyard, Gloria Lazare Despres, Tom Baldy, Regina James, Bill Frame, Tom Aubrey, Frank Thewes, Santa Tom McGinn. and John Hotopp.
Row #4 Don Powers, Andy Balaz, Dick Spainhour, Ralph Stricker, Bob Condry, Al Ferotte, Nevins Clancy, Dave Brown, Mary Pat Cook and Adrian Despres.
Missing: David Lancaster, Chuck Mills and Mary Kay Plovanich.

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