Charleston Catholic High School

"Class of 1959"

Row #1:
David Lancaster, Andy Woodyard, Bob Marchal, Bob Grubbs, Phil Primozic, Bill Pettigrew, Sam Pontier, Tom Oxley, Mary Virginia Annie,
Patsy Nuhfer, Patty McSurley, Rosie Murray, Mary Margaret Barrett, Jean Murray, Shirley Grady and Francyne Jones.
Row #2:
Lewis Isaac, Ralph Stricker, Jack Bossie, Tom Baldy, David Brown, Lowry Simpson, Percy Taylor, Louise Smith, Barbara Dery,
Sandra DeRito, Mary Ann Kozick, Barbara Carpenter, Dickie Marie Allen and Becky Warder and Mary Pat Cook
Row #3:
Cary Ricci, Larry Gatens, Andy Balazs, Joe Donohoe, Brooks Smith, Dick Ceney, Albert Frerotte, Jim Mondron, Carole Sue Crawford,
Pat MacShane, Ann Scully, Judy Marino, Mary Louise Taschler, Nancy Barna, Jean Allen, and Gloria Lazare.
Row #4:
John Hotopp, Tom Aubrey, Adrian Despres, Ed Brisley, Tom Sheridan, Bob Latterner, Mark Krosky, Don Powers, Joan Leone,
Helen Ann Belich, Mary Lou Marino, Isabelle Hale, Josephine Jelich, Mary Kay Plovanich, Mary Jackson and Oril Reich.
Row #5:
Nevins Clancy, Lester Smoot, Bill Scales, Frank Thewes, Mike Vecellio, Bob Condry, Becky Slater, Julia Stamm, Ruth Barrett,
Sara Tomlinson, Laura Zain, Regina James, Virginia Bossie, Jinny Kish, Donna Kersey, Julianna McKnight and Cathie Mattingly.
Missing: Donna Bossie, Don Brannen, John Clark, Bill Courtney and Bill Frame


Nevins, Adrian, Ed, Tom, Don, and Al.
Mary, Dave, Helen, Jack, Becky, Tom, Bobbie, Cary, Mary Kay, Sam & Louise
Mary, Becky & Bobbie

Tom, Dave, Jack, Cary & Sam
Shirley, Jean & Mary
Nevins blowing his nose, Sara beside Nevins, Cathie, Tom, Laura & Adrian's back

Graduation Mass

Graduation Mass

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