Class of 1959 Memorial

Charleston Catholic High School

In Memoriam

"Class of 1959"

Richard Ceney

Carole Sue Crawford

Sandra DeRito

Shirley Grady

Virginia Kish

Judy Marino (Vickers)

James Mondron

Patricia McSurley

Sam Pontier

Brooks Smith

Julia Stamm

John Nevins Clancy
Click here for Nevins' BIO

Click on picture for Bill "Frimp" and Mary Jane

Donna Marlene

Ralph "Mickey" Stricker

Click here for "Mickey's" bio

Mary Margaret (Sweigart)
Click here for Mary Margaret's background

Tom Sheridan

Click here for Tom's background

Thomas "Tom" A. Aubrey
Click here for Tom's background

Dickie Marie Allen Hulsey

Click here for Dickie Marie's background

Richard Spainhour
Click here for Richard's background

Lewis Isaac

Click here for Lewis Isaac's background

Robert Cary Ricci

Click here for Cary Ricci's background

Pete Despres

Click here for Pete's background

Robert A. Latterner

Click here for Bob Latterner's background

Gloria Despres

Click here for Gloria's background

Robert Grubbs

Click here for Robert Grubbs's background

Andrew Balazs

Click here for Andy's background

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