Charleston Catholic High School


Gloria Despres,
Obituary from the kids: Gloria Jean Lazare Despres was born and raised among the "Country Roads" of West "by God" Virginia, alongside two sisters, Kathleen and Theresa, by her Mom, Marjorie Lazare. She's a proud member of the class of 1959 of Charleston Catholic High School in Charleston, West Virginia, and is survived by her husband of nearly 60 years, Adrian. Her children are Margie, Joe, Tom, Adrian Jr., Kelly and Greg. She has 19 grandkids and she said it often, that she was very proud of every last one of them!
Gloria met the flame of her life, Adrian, in the third grade and successfully fended him off for ten years! After she finally gave in, she made sure the hook was set deeply by blessing him with six young'ns in nine years. Through the next thirty years, Gloria played the role of caregiver, consoler, counselor, cheerleader, molder / shaper, enforcer, taxi-driver, realtor, reader, writer, world-traveler, PTA, booster-club, softball coach, night-shift worker, cook, bottle-washer, etc... To top it all off, she was Advisor to dad in this good cop, bad cop operation. She only lost us if we tried to get lost. She only disciplined us if we needed it. She only gave dad grief when he stepped over the "line". We all made it and it was due in no small part to her grit and determination (mixed with just enough stubbornness).