Charleston Catholic High School

"Pre High School Memories"


St. Francis: Top row: 2nd from left. Michael Scully. 8th from left, Greg Barlow, 14th from left, Patricia Fisher, 2nd from right, Mary Pat Cook, 1st from right, Cathy Markey,
2nd row from top, 6th from left- Adrian Despres, 8th from left, Theresa Annie ( Mary Virginia's sister)
3rd row from top, Sister Edeltrude, 1st from left( closest to Sister) Judy Brenner, Pierre Despres is right under Judy Brenner. Marty MacElwee is right to the right of Pierre, Stephen Barlow is to the right of Marty ( left of Tommy Oxley, Tommy Oxley is to the right of Stephen Barlow, Julia Murray is to the right of Tommy

Ann Scully, Oril Reich, Carol McLean & Julia Stamm.


St. Francis Boys: Micheal Sword ( sticking out his tummy) David Brannon ( Donald's big brother) in background- can't really see him Pierre Depres in forehead Steven Barlow Tommy Oxley ( with head tilted)

Gloria Lazare, Julia Stamm (in center), Judy Brenner Carol Mclean,Mary Virginia Annie, Oril Reich


First row: Carol McLean, Oril Reich,Ann Scully, Julia Stamm Donald Brannon. Charlie Heldreth, Steven Barlow, Hubert ?, Michael Swords


Gloria "Peaches" Lazare and Judy Brenner


St. Francis School: 1950, 4th and 5th grade classes.


St. Francis School 1949.

Father Hilary and Sister Aquinas with St. Francis First Communions: Chuck Mills, Gloria Lazare, Holly Rich, Judy Brenner, Ann Scully & Susan Hannon.


Sacred Heart girls, 8th. Grade: Left to right: Becky Warder, Ruth Barrett, Patty McSurley, Mary Jackson, Mary Kay Plovanich, Isabelle Hale, Sandra DeRito, Mary Lou Marino, Mary Margaret Barrett, Helen Ann Belich, Josephine Jelich, Cathie Mattingly and Mary Ann Kozick

St Anthony:
Row #1: Nancy Barna, Barbara Carpenter, Regina James, Julia McKnight, Virginia Kish, Mother Christine.
Row #2: Father Cuthbert, Bob Latterner, Bill Courtney, Ed Brisley, Cary Ricci, Lewis Isaac, Francis Nelson, Becky Slater
Row #3: Mary Pat Cook, Robert Rimmer, Jimmy Lane, Tom Aubrey, Martin Bossie, Tony Cerullo, Sara Tomlinson

Kanawha Valley Catholic Grade School Basketball

Teams consisted of Blessed Sacrament, St. Anthonies, St. Agnus and St. Francis.

6th. Grade Sacred Heart:
Front Row: Bill Pettigrew, Bill Scales and Bob Marchal
Back Row: Nevins Clancy, Andy Balazs, Sr. Alberta, Bill Greene and Tony Cerullo
Our Lady of The Mountains Academy: 7th. Grade. # 20 Adrian Despres
St Agnes Basketball Team

In this picture Joe Donohoe does not appear to be the tallest on his team. That changes when he gets to High School. Joe had a lot of guts by sending the webmaster this picture.
Front Row: Bill Pettigrew, Bill Scales, Tony Cerullo, and Bob Marchal.
Back Row: Andy Woodyard, Nevins Clancy, Andy Balazs, Bill Green and Ralph Stricker.
Front Row: Bob Marchal, Larry Malone, Bill Scales and ?
Back Row: George Henderson, John Reishman, Tom McGinn, Tony Cerullo, Coach Paul Barna, "a somewhat taller" Joe Donohoe, Dick Ceney, Dick Thewes & Don Powers.

8th. Grade Champs:
Front Row: ?, Andy Balaz, Joe Donohoe, Dick Ceney and Tony Cerullo.
Back Row: Bill Pettigrew, Nevins Clancy, Jack Bossie, Tom Baldy, Bill Scales.

Oril, Cathie & Judy
Tony visits Nancy on his bike

Row # 1: Frances & Penny
Row #2: Mary Jane, Becky, Sara, Mary Pat & Nancy

7th Grade Sacred Heart

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